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Silencer Actuator Muffler Systems Automobile Silencer creates very low back-pressure for Fuel Saving

  • Increase in engine output efficiency by about 12-20%
  • Fuel savings due to improved fuel economy, 14-17% experimental value
  • Contributing to the improvement of environment-friendly conditions by fuel saving
  • Increase in acceleration power during driving
  • Run smoothly in summer when the air conditioner operates
  • High speed running at lower RPM than conventional

Motivation for inventing the Silencer Actuator Muffler Systems

Why do racing cars run loud but run well?

Racing cars don’t have a muffler, a muffler will reduce the engine output efficiency by 12-20%.

Principle of Silencer

Most of the stock silencers in cars results in decrease efficiency of the engine’s power (12~20%), due to the high backpressure caused by the complex paths of the exhausted gas to output. This leads to increased fuel consumption.


Internal combustion engine and engine for internal combustion engine having the same Muffler.

Muffler having Low Exhaust Back Pressure for Internal Combustion Engine.

Low pressure silencer for an internal combustion engine, which is installed in an exhaust system of an internal combustion engine and effectively exhausts a pressure wave.

Low back pressure silence for an internal combustion engine, which has improved head resistance and durability by reducing exhaust resistance and blocking transmission of head and moisture from exhaust gas to a bearing rotatable supporting a rotating shaft of an impeller.

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