3D Mobile Displays

Want to see the future?

See it in three dimensions, on your mobile device, without glasses.


Users will enjoy the experience of mobile gaming, videos and images in the next dimension of immersive, full-on 3D, without glasses, goggles or headsets.


Advertisers, game developers and content producers will deliver a more engaging and impactful message and experience.

  • For smartphones, tablets and public display screens
  • High definition images
  • Maximized display brightness visible at all levels of ambient light
  • Wide-angle viewing maintains definition and brightness from any direction
  • No-flicker, no-blur, ghost-free 3D images
  • User friendly – supports zoom, tap and swipe functions on mobile devices

Better Image Capture & Convergence

Produces brighter, sharper, more life- like displays and improves the viewer’s experience of the 3D effect.

Converts 2D to 3D

Turn existing 2D games and content into full 3D imagery – and back again at the touch of a button.

Supports a Full Range of Display Panels

From smartphones and cameras to large-format TVs.

NGEN Patented Technology

Including a patented assembly process developed to improve cost competitiveness. A licensed patent protects technology that tracks eye movement and synchronizes the image for each eye, thereby eliminating pseudo-stereoscopic vision and minimizing crosstalk ghosting.


  • An Apparatus for 3D image display of smart phone and tablet using 3D graphic contents and a depth look up table
  • 3D image transformation pre-processing apparatus by using the equalization of brightness energy and the extraction and insertion of Horizontal energy line

Disruptive Technology

NGEN’s research, development and patents for 3D holographic capture and display hardware and software puts them exclusively at the forefront of the next wave of 3D mobile display technology.

By 2018, autostereoscopic (no-glasses 3D) displays will have:

  • The highest number of units shipped of any 3D display technology
  • Sales compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 96% (2014 – 2018)